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Written Transcription


Do you have a stack of Grandma's old journals sitting in storage? With a keyboardist skill at 80-90 wpm, I am able to transcribe written writings (like journals, letters and other written word at a faster rate than any of my other services. This service is quick-and-easy way to get your family stories accessible to all. Click below to get started.

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Audio Transcription


Have an old vinyl record with some oral history on it? Or tapes and 8-tracks that Grandma saved for you? Send it our way! We also take all forms of physical and digital files to transcribe what Grandpa Joe was saying (or singing!). Let the words flow by clicking below.

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Video Transcription


This package includes a transcription of any filmstrim or audio-visual interviews you have. Did Aunt Jo the family genealogist tape your grandma before you were born? Let me transcribe those interviews so you can share them with the whole family. To get started click below.

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Family Story Books


The Family Story Book Featurette is taking an already transcribed journal and doing some extra research to include maps, census records and pictures that are available for that extra special family gift! Click below to get started.

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Special Events Video Package


This package includes our staff coming to your special event or home and interviewing family members or friends in either informal or formal settings to get the kind of stories that you want to pass onto your children. Click below to plan the type of gift you'll always remember

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Veterans Service Package

$400 (USD) + TRAVEL

Here at Life Stories, we believe our Veterans are important as are their stories. We seek to listen, understand and create narrations that will honor your military Veteran (regardless of country of service). Click below to learn more about how to give the gift of gratitude to your favorite soldier.

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Golden Anniversary Package

$750 (USD) + TRAVEL

The Golden Anniversary Package is a perfect gift to your parents or grandparents. This package is not just for the 60th anniversary, but for any anniversary party or gift that you so choose. Click below to plan your 1st, 10th, 30th or 60th anniversary present.

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Life After Death Memories Package

$1000 (USD) + TRAVEL

Pairing with Life After Death Photography, we come to make the lives of your loved ones remembered forever. In a respectful manner, our staff will interview the family and friends of the deceased to create a interweaved story of their lives from the perspective of others. Click below to plan your package.

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