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Golden Anniversary

$750 (USD) + TRAVEL

This is the ultimate package for any couple in your life. Whether you or they have been married 1-year, 10-years, 25-years or even 60+, this package highlights their life together.

The Golden Anniversary Package Includes:

  • 2-4 hours of video interviews from family, friends and loved ones
  • An 8x10 portrait of the lucky couple
  • A book of stories from those attending the party (or those you have chosen)

Since this option typically requires travel outside of the small town I live in, travel is not included in the $750 (USD) rate.

Currently my rate of travel is $0.54 to the mile if by car or an agreed upon amount by any other form of travel (could be trains, planes or even hot air balloon -- you choose!).

Can't pay for travel? Never fear, if you put me in touch with your living relative that served their country via Skype or Facetime, that is an option we can work with.

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