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Life After Death
Memories Package

$1000 (USD) + TRAVEL

Pairing with Life After Death Photography, the staff at Life Stories will attend the funeral, wake or life celebration of your loved one to gather stories about their lives.

Many people fear that once their families pass on, their stories die with them. This simply isn't true! Many people come to these celebrations of life and death and this is the chance for you to learn about what Grandma Susie and her BFF were up to when they were teenagers or what Uncle Sam and his brothers got those matching tattoos.

Since this option can require travel outside of the small town I live in, travel is not included in the $1000 (USD) rate. Currently my rate of travel is $0.54 to the mile if by car or an agreed upon amount by any other form of travel (could be trains, planes or even hot air balloon -- you choose!).

The Life After Death Memories Package Includes:

  • A Booklet full of memories either written by the attendees themselves or interviewed by a Life Stories Staff Member
  • Video Interviews with at least 10 family members talking about their memories with the deceased
  • All printing, delivering and transcribing costs are included in the packaged price!

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